Dentists from Austin Texas Talks Advances in Dental Health Technology in 2019

Dentists from Austin Texas Talks Advances in Dental Health Technology in 2019


This year is almost coming to an end with Christmas around the corner. With hindsight being 2020, the dental health industry has made leaps and bounds with new techniques and tools. What is out there now that is making things like tooth preservation and dental cleanings easier than ever before? Is it bigger than we thought, or maybe this is something that only a dentist in Austin, Texas would care about? Whatever the case may be, it’s always nice to look back and acknowledge how far we have come. And we can do that by looking at the type of work that dentists, orthodontists, and implant specialists do. So, let’s take a look.

Dentists are Using Better Imaging Equipment


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Up until recently, dental X-rays have been performed by a radiograph. A medical radiograph would make, “an image or record produced on exposed or processed film. Relative positions of the x-ray tube, patient, and film are necessary to make the radiograph shown. Bones tend to stop diagnostic x-rays, but soft tissue does not. This results in the light and dark regions that form the image”. However, these days, the film has been replaced with digital x-ray photography. Instead of biting the film that was too large for your mouth and praying they didn’t use too much radiation, you have a safer and much more comfortable option. Not only that but the images are of better quality and allows for a lot of early detection and diagnosis for problems.

Another thing that falls under the same wheelhouse is the other main complaint of going to the dentist, having the patient open their mouth wide for the dentist to see inside. The invention of the intra-oral camera can possibly end the discomfort. The device is a dental mirror with a camera on it. This can help dentists see the images taken by the camera on a separate screen. All without having to poke and prod too much in your mouth.


Dentists are Using Better Materials for Tooth Implants and Veneers

One of the bigger struggles with veneers or any sort of cosmetic dental work was that the fillings or bonding materials looking unnatural. Thanks to the latest in dental healthcare technology, however, there is a wider range of shades available. Also, today’s bonding material  (a plastic resin) is much shiner and longer-lasting than any substance in the past. So, if you chip a tooth or get a crack, you might be able to get the right work done to make it look like nothing happened.

Another thing to notice is that veneers are getting thinner. These custom shells or moldings that are used to cover the front of crooked or otherwise unattractive teeth. New materials now make it possible to create even thinner veneers that are just as strong. This means that you will have more of your teeth preserved when they are getting shaped for veneers. So, the cosmetic sides, such as fillings, caps, crowns, and bonds are getting harder to tell apart from genuine teeth.

Dentists are Using More Comfortable Methods of Numbing

For the longest time, if there was any sort of anesthesia at all in a dental appointment, it would come in the form of a liquid shot.  Not only was it initially painful the minute the shot hits the gum line, but sometimes they don’t use enough because they can miscalculate the pain sensitivity. Then, in 2016, a study by the University of Sao Pauloconsidered a new possibility where a numbing gel is applied topically. Then, the dentist uses a small electric current to encourage the full absorption of the numbing agent by the skin.

According to 123,” In addition to being pain-free and not enduring the unpleasant sensation of a needle, patients of this burgeoning method may relax more easily. It also saves time with patients who would be overly nervous about receiving a needle. And, it has virtually no risk of contamination, which is one of the other common fears with needles. While it is still too new to be common, this is an example of how with dental technology, there’s always something even better on the horizon.”


With time and effort comes to progress and there is no exception when it comes to dental visits. The more that dentists and other professionals in their fieldwork towards progress, the more likely that dental patients will be able to benefit from and dread less about dental appointments.

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