Emergency Dental Services

We offer multiple emergency services to our patients. Please click on the links below to see a description of each:

Inside each tooth is the dental pulp, which includes nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp is damaged by tooth decay or injury, the tooth can become quite painful. Treatment for this ailment is called endodontic therapy, or root canal therapy. With this procedure, the damaged pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the tooth is sealed and restored to normal function and appearance with a filling or a crown.

In recent years, Endodontics has undergone a tremendous change for the better. New “Rotary” Instrumentation has allowed for greater efficiency and ultimately a more pleasant experience. Dr. Tucker has embraced this new rotary technology, which employs motorized instruments made of nickel and titanium, which are stronger and faster than the old manual instruments. The advantages of this method are safer and more predictable results, shorter treatment times, and greater comfort for the patient.

Dental Services

Emergency Dentist in Austin, TX

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